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Energy Efficient Pool Pump Rebates

Your pool pump could be costing you. Pool pumps are often-overlooked energy hogs, costing up to $500 a year to run. An ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pool pump can use up to 75% less energy and can save up to $350 a year, over a standard unit.

Rebate Offer

You can receive $950 in combined pool pump rebates for the installation of your ENERGY STAR variable-speed pool pump(s) (1/2 horsepower or larger).

Combined Rebates

  • $350 PSEG Long Island for each pool pump
  • $500 South Fork Peak Savers for each pool pump
  • Up to $100 in additional manufacturer’s rebates for select models

General Eligibility

  • Pump must be listed as an Energy Star variable-speed pool pump, ½ horsepower or larger
  • Customer must have an active PSEG Long Island Account
  • Pump must be installed by a current, participating PSEG Long Island dealer or installer
  • Device(s) must be installed east of the Shinnecock canal

Another Way to Save. Steps to Saving with Pool Pumps

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