For small businesses, one of the most effective and simplest ways to reduce energy costs is to upgrade to LED bulbs. According to ENERGY STAR, an average LED bulb will save its owner $80 over its lifetime. If every American household switched their five highest-use bulbs to LEDs, it would save $5 billion per year and save enough energy to light 33 million homes.

Advances in Light Bulb Efficiency

Light bulb technology has advanced through several phases since Thomas Edison’s first commercial bulbs became available in the late 19th century. These earliest mass-produced bulbs were incandescent and used carbon filaments. You can still find imitations of these “Edison bulbs” in many restaurants with vintage decor (though these imitation bulbs are more energy efficient than the originals).

The efficiency of incandescent bulbs steadily increased throughout the 20th century so that, by the 1960s, they were 30x more efficient than they were in Edison’s day.

In the 1980s, a new type of bulb was available — the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). They were more much more efficient and had longer lives, but they originally cost as much as $35 per bulb! Customers were also frustrated by their slow warm up times. Of course, prices for CFLs dropped over time as the product matured and utility companies worked to incentivize their use. Still, consumer adoption has been uneven.

The LED Revolution

LED bulbs became commercially available in 2007 and represented another technological leap. According to the Department of Energy, an LED bulb has an expected lifetime of 25,000 hours, compared to just 1,000 for an incandescent. LED bulbs are up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional incandescents and 20% more efficient than fluorescents. In terms of performance, LEDs are instant-on, unlike fluorescent bulbs, which take time to warm up. And while early LEDs were too expensive for widespread adoption, many now cost less than $2.00.

Free Commercial LED Upgrades in South Fork

South Fork Peak Savers (SFPS) is committed to helping Long Island small business owners make their facilities more energy efficient. SFPS offers free and heavily-discounted LED lighting upgrades for eligible businesses.

Following a free commercial energy audit, SFPS will leverage PSEG rebates and other resources to subsidize your upgrades, which could also include smart thermostats and A/C equipment. Large non-commercial facilities may also be eligible. Contact us to verify your eligibility.

Together we can cut commercial energy costs and preserve Long Island’s incredible natural beauty.

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