If you have a home or business on the South Fork of Long Island, there are a variety of rebates and freebies you can take advantage of to upgrade your systems and appliances to become more energy efficient. New York offers these incentives for lower power usage to satisfy locally without neighbors buying power or building new power stations.

The rebates and freebies below represent tens of thousands of dollars in combined value. Whether you need to replace broken phone, plan to upgrade or just think about it, check out all of the money and energy-saving opportunities you have.


Thermostats — If you’ve visited SFPS before, you probably know that South Fork residents may be eligible for a free Nest thermostat or up to $500 in rebates on existing Nest and Honeywell thermostats.

A/C System — As long as it’s installed by qualified partners, residents can receive up to $450 in rebates for a central (ducted) air conditioning system.

Ductless Mini-Split Controller — If you prefer using a ductless A/C system, you can get a free Honeywell D6 Pro Ductless Controller and a $100 sign-up bonus through SFPS.

Water Heater — Choose a water heater approved by ENERGY STAR ® and a $650 discount could be applied via PSEG Long Island.


Variable-Speed Pool Pumps — An old pool pump can cost up to $500/year to operate, often making it one of the biggest energy consumers in a home. Now you can get up to $950 in rebates when you switch to an energy-efficient variable-speed pool pump.

Washer & Dryer — When you’re running hundreds of loads of laundry every year, the energy and water consumption can add up. Get $50 rebates off both washers and dryers and start using 20-25% less energy.

Dishwashers — use less water without sacrificing cleanliness and sanitation. And save $50 with a rebate.


Geothermal Power — Make a massive cut in your energy consumption by switching to a ground-source energy system for heating and cooling. These systems use energy stored in the Earth right below your home. They are emissions-free in addition to being more reliable and more efficient. Save up to $2,000/ton through rebates.


Power Strips — You can not save $10-20 on next-generation power lines by PSEG LI if you are not ready for your electricity to tap the Earth and want anything less optimistic.


Refrigerator — Get $50 off when you purchase an ENERGY STAR Most

Efficient 2019 Refrigerator. On top of that, you can earn $50 when you recycle your old refrigerator.

Electric Freezer — PSEG LI offers $30 rebates on electric freezers. Start realizing energy savings of 10% compared to the minimum federal standard.


Septic — If you live in the Town of East Hampton, or elsewhere in Suffolk County, a local incentive could provide you with up to $16,000 in rebates when you upgrade your septic system. This is being done to combat nitrogen pollution in local waters.

Lighting Commercial and residential customers have the opportunity to save on LED lighting, which is 80% more efficient than incandescent and 20% more efficient than fluorescent.

Energy Assessments — What are the most impactful steps you could take to become more energy-efficient? Whether you’re a business or a homeowner, you have the option to receive a free energy assessment from an energy expert.


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