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Help reduce the electrical load, preserve the environment and save money!

Demand for energy on the East End is growing twice as fast as the rest of Long Island. We need to lower the load and every kilowatt counts! Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, you can make a difference. South Fork Peak Savers is a program with incentives that help reduce electrical use at the most critical (PEAK) times, in the towns of East Hampton and Southampton (which reduces the need for infrastructure). Becoming a Peak Saver can also bring down your energy bill! When you make small changes they can lead to big savings.

FREE Nest Thermostats & Rebates

Sign up for our Rush Hour Rewards program and receive free Nest thermostats or rebates up to $500. Program available to new and existing Nest thermostat owners. Learn more.

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Honeywell Thermostat Rebates

Sign up for our Connected Savings program and receive rebates up to $500. Program available to existing Honeywell thermostat owners.
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Pool Pump Rebates - South Fork Peak Savers

Pool Pump Rebates

Receive up to $950 in rebates on an ENERGY STAR Pool Pump.
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Commercial Energy Savings

Give us 20 minutes and your business could save up to 50% on its electric bill. Learn more.

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Small Changes. Big Savings.

The South Fork’s energy consumption is growing at twice the rate of the rest of Long Island, and the peak load is projected to increase annually. (Peak Load is the amount of energy used during Peak consumption periods primarily in July and August when air conditioning, pool pumps and electronic devices are all in high demand.) If you want to preserve the beauty of the East End and lower your own footprint and electrical bill, it’s time to make some changes. According to PSEG Long Island, if energy consumption doesn’t diminish new transmission lines will be built. Our goal is to encourage energy efficiency and work with businesses and residents to help lower peak use.

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