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Honeywell Thermostats

South Fork Peak Savers has teamed up with Honeywell to bring savings to Long Island’s South Fork. By enrolling in the Connected Savings thermostat program, existing Honeywell customers are eligible to receive rebates and awards

Program Offer

Current Honeywell owners who enroll, can receive up to $500 in incentives.

  • $250 for one thermostat, $500 for two or more thermostats
  • In addition, you can receive a $25 incentive each summer you continue to participate in the program

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Program Eligibility

  • You must be a PSEG Long Island Account Owner
  • Devices must be installed in one of the communities we serve
  • Approved Honeywell Wi-Fi enabled thermostat
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Thermostats must be registered to your Honeywell account
  • A Wi-Fi internet connection

How the Connected Savings Program Works

When you sign up for Connected Savings, you allow Honeywell and Whisker Labs to make minor, short-term adjustments to your air conditioning via your wi-fi thermostat. This small change (usually 1-3°) reduces power use during periods of high demand for electricity and reduces strain on the electric grid. In most cases, you won’t notice adjustments to the central air conditioning system, or your comfort. And you’ll always have ultimate control.

Using less power pays off! You’ll have lower bills and it provides stable costs for everyone since this small change reduces the need to build additional infrastructure.

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